Arrive in Lisbon

By plane, you will probably arrive in Lisbon at Lisbon Airport [click here to see location on the map below]. You have several options to get to your hotel.

The conference venue

The conference will take place in the Department of Mathematics [map] of the University of Lisbon (building C6). The department can be reached by walk both from Hotel VIP Zurique [map] and from Colégio Pio XII [map]. We will place signs around the department that will lead you to the reception desk.

Getting to the city

The city of Lisbon can conveniently be reached from your hotel by taking the subway (Metro) from Entre Campos subway station [map]. Alternatively you can take one of the buses 36, 44, 732, 745 either from Estação Entre Campos [map] or from Entre Campos Norte [map]. If you want to get to the city from the conference venue [map], then you can take the subway at Cidade Universitaria station [map]. These subway stations are on the yellow line. If you take the subway to the city, then you will have to transfer either to the green line or to the blue line. The subway stations of the city center are Restauradores [map], Rossio [map], and Baixa-Chiado [map].

Bus tickets can be purchased from the driver for 1.5 euros. However it is more economical to buy a rechargable Viva Viagem card from the vending machines at any of the subway stations. One trip with this card only costs 90 cents. You can charge these cards either with a specified number of trips or with a certain amount of money. The latter offers more flexibility, as you can use this money on metro, buses, trams, and on the elevadores. You have to validate the card at the beginning of each trip by touching it to the yellow machines after getting on the bus, tram, etc.

You should take this opportunity to listen to live fado music in one of the famous fado houses. You'll find plenty of these in the suburbs of Alfama [map] and Bairro Alto [map]. The fado house Já Disse [map] is one of the less touristy places and the prices are reasonable.

Around Lisbon

There are many nice places outside Lisbon that are worth visiting. Nearby are the castles of Sintra [map], the Palace of Queluz [map]. The easiest way to get to Sintra is to take the train (not the subway!) at Estação Entre Campos [map] and go to Sintra station [map]. Train tickets can be purchased from the vending machines at the station. The center of Sintra [map] is a short walk from the station. Alternatively you can take bus 434 from Sintra station [map] that will take you around the attractions, such as the Palacio de Pena [map]. Be aware that Sintra has its own microclimate and the weather can be significantly cooler than in Lisbon.

The Palace of Queluz [map] can be reached by train from Estação Entre Campos [map]. You have to get off the train at Queluz-Belas station [map] and walk to the palace.

If you hire a car, then you might want to visit the Palace of Mafra [map], or the towns of Nazare [map], Óbidos [map], and Ericeira [map]. There is a magnificient convent in Tomar [map].

If you fancy good seafood, then head down south to Sesimbra [map] or Setubal [map]. You can get to Setubal by train from Entrecampos station [map].

People enjoy going to Cabo de Roca [map], which is the westernmost point of the Eurasian landmass and has dramatic ocean views.


A main attraction of Lisbon is that beautiful sandy beaches are easily accessible from the city even by public transportation. On the North side, it is really easy to get to Carcavelos beach [map]. Just take either the subway or bus 36 from Entrecampos [map] to Cais do Sodre train station [map]. Then take the train to Carcavelos station [map] and the beach will be within walking distance. The same tain can take you to the city of Cascais [map], which is a popular tourist destination and it also has a small beach [map].

The beaches on the North side of the river are nice, but the South side is even nicer. Costa da Caparica [map] has a large stretch of sandy beach with lots of cafes and restaurants. To get there, take TST Bus 161 from Campo Pequeno [map]. Note that this is not a standard Lisbon bus, and so your pre-paid card will not be valid. However, you can buy ticket on board from the driver. There is a small train that goes regularly from Costa da Caparica [map] to Fonte da Telha [map] stopping by all the nice beaches in between.

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