Title Locale
Workshop on Algebra   CAUL, Lisboa, Portugal, 26/06/2009 
Workshop on Algebra and Logic  CAUL, Lisboa, Portugal, 19/06/2009 
75th Workshop on General Algebra  Darmstadt, Germany, 02-04/11/2007 (Contributed Talk)
Algebraic and Topological Methods in Non-Classical Logics III  Oxford, UK, 05-09/08/2007 
Colloquium António Aniceto Monteiro, on the centenary of his birth  Museu de Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, 04-05/06/2007 
Workshop on Semigroups and Applications  Centro de Álgebra da Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal, 27/04/2007 
Workshop on Algebra  CAUL, Lisbon, portugal, 16/02/2006 
71st Workshop on General Algebra (AAA71)  Mathematical Research and Conference Centre, Bedlewo, Poland, 09-12/02/2006 (Contributed Talk)
Novi Sad Algebraic Conference (NSAC05)  Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro, 11-15/07/2005 
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