Titulo Locale
SAT Interactions  Schloss Dagstuhl, Alemanha 
The Constraint Satisfaction Problem: Complexity and Approximability  Schloss Dagstuhl, Alemanha 
AAA83 workshop  University of Novi Sad, Serbia, 15-18/03/2012 (Orador Convidado)
Workshop on Algebra and CSPs   Fields Institute, Toronto 
Workshop on Graph Homomorphisms  Fields Institute, Toronto 
Workshop on Universal Algebra and Computer Science  São Petersburgo, Rússia (Comunicação)
6th International Computer Science Symposium in Russia, CSR 2011,   São Petersburgo, Rússia (Comunicação)
Workshop on Algebra 2010   CAUL, Lisboa, Portugal, 01/07/2010 
Workshop on Universal Algebra, Complexity and CSP   CAUL, Lisboa, Portugal (Comissão Organizadora)
International Conference on Algebras and Lattices 2010  Praga, Republica Checa 
Dagstuhl Seminar  Schloss Dagstuhl, Alemanha, 25-30/10/2009. (Comunicação)
3rd Novi Sad Algebraic Conference  Novi Sad, Serbia, 17-21/08/2009 (Comunicação)
International Conference on Geometric and Combinatorial Methods in Group Theory and Semigroup Theory  Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, 17-21/05/2009  
2nd Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics Conference  Montreal, Canada, 25-28/05/2009 
11th Coast Combinatorial Conference  Universidade de Victoria, Victoria BC, Canadá, 21-22/02/2009 
School on Algebraic Theory of Automata  CAUL, Lisboa, Portugal, 01-12/09/2008 
Summer School on Algebra and Ordered Sets  Trest, República Checa, 31/08-06/09/2008 
ICMS Logic and Algorithms Workshop  Edimburgo, Reino Unido, 21-25/07/2008 
2nd NYWIMN Conference  City University of New York, New York, USA, 02/05/2008 (Poster)
Applications of Universal Algebra and Logic to the Constraint Satisfaction Problem  AIM, Palo Alto, USA, 31/03-04/04/2008 
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