Lattices, Universal Algebra and Algebraic Logic Seminars
Pedro Baltazar (LaSIGE, Dept. Informática, FCUL, Portugal)
01/07/2011 Sexta-feira, 1 de Julho de 2011, 14h30m, Sala B1-01 
Instituto para a Investigação Interdisciplinar
How to make your logic probabilistic?
Probabilization of logics is an operation that takes a logic system (the base system) and returns an enrichment with probability features (the probabilized system). The operation is called exogenous if both the syntax and semantics of the base logic are preserved, and is called endogenous otherwise. In this talk we explore the former operation in the more general setting of exogenous combination of logics. In this framework general results on the transference of meta-properties such as decidability and completeness are obtained. Capitalizing on the previous results, we present the particular cases of exogenous probabilization and of temporalization, where completeness and decidability are addressed. Finally, we motivate the applicability of our results on verification of probabilistic systems and on the study of probabilistic logics.
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